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Lessons & Training

The farm is home to eleven well-trained school horses that allow non-horse owning students to develop at all levels. Leasing options are available. Lessons are taught 7 days a week, with day and evening hours available.  Please call the farm at  708-214-6376 to schedule.


  • Our lessons are taught by professionals with safety and horsemanship incorporated into a program which emphasizes solid skills at the basics to advanced strategies for the show ring. We believe in individual attention, especially at the beginner level, so that the basics are corrected and mastered through one on one instruction.
  • Horsemanship is taught right from the beginning with students learning to groom, tack and handle a horse along with riding.  Students arrive early for their lesson and are responsible for getting their own horse ready.
  • We also offer training for your horse. Training may be obtained by the ride or by the month. We can start young horses or correct problems with older horses. Please call for pricing and availability.​

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