Our 2019 schooling show points will be updated on this page. 
Short/Long Stirrup Equitation
Beginner Equitation
Limit Equitation
Modified Hunter
Modified Equitation
Mini Medal

Points will be awarded as follows:

Champion 20 points
Reserve Champion 12 points
1st Place 10 points
2nd Place 6 points
3rd Place 4 points
4th Place 2 points
5th Place 1 point 
6th Place 0.5 point

Riders, while reviewing the following show score results and point values, please be aware of the following rules:
  • All ties for Champion and Reserve are broken by identifying the horse/rider having the most points over fences when applicable. In case of a tie of over fence points, both horses/riders are awarded the extra ribbon.
  • The half point rule is applied to all divisions.
  • The half point rule states that Champion and Reserve places are only awarded to the two top riders/horses in a division having acquired at least 1/2 point over fences. This means you must place in one of the over fence classes to be eligible for either the champion or reserve award.
  • In order to be eligible for Champion and Reserve award, the rider/horse MUST be entered in the entire division.

Our 2014 Modified Hunter and Modified Equitation Year End Champion, Tried and True and Amy Klug

Our school horse Meg in one of our schooling shows